Patricio Molina
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Master of Music at Manhattan School of Music
M.D.A. In Performing in Progress at Rutgers University
Ph.D. In Composition in Progress at Rutgers University

Academic training:
Patricio won in 2004 the only international scholarship awarded by the Manhattan School of Music in New York, which is sponsored by hundreds of young people from all over the world. Along with studying Piano Superior with the most recognized professor of New York, Ph. D Marc Silverman

Also Patricio took advantage of his scholarship to complete his higher studies of: Organ to pipes, Orchestration, Composition, Electronic Music, Orchestral Direction, Choral Direction, Music for Films, Theory of Music, Conferences.

As a student he has participated in several Master Classes with teachers such as:
John Williams in Music for Movies,
Kurt Masur
In Orchestral Conducting: Kent Tritle in Coral Direction
Lang Lang in Piano
Among several other renowned artists and academics.

Currently Patricio holds two PhDs at Rutgers University, with Composer, Ph. D. Robert Aldridge

Who, along with other important awards, won a Grammy Award for the performance of his opera "Elmer Gantry".

Patricio has also performed concerts in Chile, Germany, Jordan, United Nations, Theaters and Universities in various US states, and the most important Theaters such as: New Jersey Performing Art Center:
              And at Carnegie Hall here in New York, as a concert performer, camera trios, being awarded by the "From the Top" Program as the Best Young Artist in the United States among many other concerts and awards.

Also noteworthy is that he graduated from Bachellor as "Valedictorian" (the best student in the school) and repeat this same condition now as M.D.A. (Master Degree of Arts) of Manhattan School of Music of New York.

All these chairs have made Patricio a complete musician.

Dismayed with the 27F earthquake, Patricio organized a Concert for the Municipal Theater in New York, together with the Chilean Consul Patricio Damm Van Der Valk, to which the Friends of the Municipal Theater Corporation was informed, (attached booklet).

This work was already partially presented at Bergen College, Hackensack, NJ, with colleagues from Patricio who supported him. It lasts 2 hours, consists of 3 acts and tells the story of two lovers: Corporal Carlos Segundo Morales and his beloved Cecilia, who accompanied him to the Pacific War as a bartender. While fighting, together with the Tte. Ignacio Carrera Pinto in The Battle of La Concepción, Cecilia has her son in full battle while her husband was dying, a fact that is in the history of our country. This courage captivated Patrick to inspire himself and make him an Opera. For this reason, in Chile the oath is made to our flag. The whole atmosphere is that of the 1880s.

This Opera was recognized by many directors such as the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Maestro Jacques Lacombe and academics including Ph.D. Robert Aldrige, who has since taken him immediately as his personal student out of a total of two Conform its selected chair, (attached photo).

In the event that his interest thrives this proposal, Patricio would be forced to postpone the continuity of his studies to carry out the assembly and conduct it together with you.

I will await your response.


Patricio Molina

Television and Newspapers in the United States.

New York Times

Broadcasting TV on My9 (New Jersey), Fox17 (Pennsylvania) and Fox25 (New York).

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) from studios at the Rockefeller Center in New York.

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